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Little Eagles



Welcome To The Little Eagles Program!


What Is “Little Eagles?”

It’s a new and exciting program for Kinder-6th grade that will pair an Elementary student with a High School TLCA Eagle Athlete for a dedicated season.


The PURPOSE of this is for the Elementary Students to have a fellow Eagle to look up to and be recognized throughout the season and for the High School student to have an opportunity to mentor a younger student and be held accountable to the future of TLCA.


All Little Eagles and their athlete will be invited to join their player on the field at “Meet the Eagles” and will be recognized throughout the season by the Eagle athlete, and in addition receive a TLCA Little Eagle T-shirt.


Your child’s Eagle may join him/her for lunch at school, read to his/her classroom, or do something special for your child during the season! Little Eagles also have an opportunity to treat their athlete with game day good luck goodies, some examples would be Gatorade, protein bar, water bottle, gift card, a note of encouragement, a drawing, etc. If you choose to give something extra to your Eagle, please drop your item off at the front office so that admin may distribute before game time.


Thank you for allowing the Eagles to be a positive impact and role model to your child.


Please join TLCA Abilene Athletic Boosters on Facebook for up-to-date events for Little Eagles to attend and follow the TLCA Eagle Athletes!