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District COVID-19 Notification for Secondary Students (Junior High & High School)

November 11, 2020


Texas Leadership Parents,

As many of you already know, athletics, both practice, and competitions have already been suspended for two weeks as a means of precaution. With the increase in COVID cases in our cities, we have seen the infiltration of that increase in athletics, but also on our campuses; specifically with our secondary staff and student populations.

We have not yet increased to a level where it is a major problem, but enough where it has become a challenge every day to get classes completely covered. We know that face-to-face school is our greatest tool in educating our students, but ultimately, we want to make sure we provide the safest atmosphere we can for our students and faculty.

While we have had a few instances of positive cases and quarantines because of close contact at the Elementary level, it is minimal in comparison to what we’re seeing at the Secondary level (Junior High and High School). So, with that in mind, we have decided to close our junior highs and high schools and move to virtual-only for the one week before Thanksgiving; November 16th through November 20th (This coming Monday through Friday).

In doing this, we will have provided a means for students to be separated for 16 days which is above the requirement if you were to be quarantined. This gives us time to make sure that everyone, whether they’ve been exposed or not, can remain unexposed from school interaction. This move will also give our operations team the time to thoroughly clean and disinfect all our secondary facilities before students return on November 30th. 

Students will still have their uninterrupted Thanksgiving break, but this virtual week, students will be expected to be fully engaged. Communication will come directly from campuses regarding virtual school. Students must remain diligent and take ownership of their learning during this time. Parents, please help us in reinforcing those expectations.


District grab and go lunches are available for pickup at the following locations:

  • San Angelo Junior High, Midland Campus, and Abilene Campus.

More information on lunches is available on our website: https://texasleadership.net/apps/pages/foodservices


Ron Ledbetter

Superintendent of Schools

Texas Leadership Public Schools