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Letter From Superintendent Ledbetter Concerning 2019-2020 Grading Guidelines, GPA and Class Rank Q&A

 April 9th, 2020

Texas Leadership Family:

Parents, Students, and Staff,

First of all, let me say thank you for all your efforts in continuing the education of our students. Hopefully, this is something we will get past with new ideas and a deeper understanding of educating our students.

The following document is a Q&A regarding grades, class rank, GPA, etc… It is a representation of our temporary grading policy for this spring semester. We hope this will answer any questions you may have moving forward.

There is never a perfect solution to such a problem like this, but we believe that the following is a great and fair solution amid a challenge we never saw coming. Should this not answer questions you may have regarding grading, GPA, Class Rank, etc… Please contact your campus principal.

Please stay safe and we hope to see you all soon!

Ron Ledbetter

TLCA Superintendent



2019-2020 TLCA Grading Guidelines, GPA, and Class Rank Q & A


While this transition to at-home or online learning is not what any of us envisioned for the second semester, our school will still be held responsible for guiding at-home learning and assessing a student’s progress and ability to function successfully at the next grade level.

We have developed a system that we believe is fair and gives students every opportunity to pass their coursework or grade level.

In response to this new challenge, TLCA will use to following guidelines for grading, promotion, and graduation.


What Grading System will be used for the second semester?

Teachers will monitor progress and will assign a “P” for passing and an “F” for failing. This method will be used whether school resumes for the semester or not.


How many assignments can I expect my child to receive during this at-home learning environment?

While students in all grades, K-12 may receive multiple assignments online, or extended packet work, teachers will communicate which one to two assignments per week in elementary will be used to assess mastery. Quizzes or tests may be used as well.

Secondary teachers may ask for two to three assignments per week for assessment purposes and may assign quizzes or tests as needed to determine mastery.


Will my student be allowed to redo an assignment where they received an “F”?

Yes, teachers will work with students to provide opportunities to pass assignments, assessments, and for the semester. 


How does this affect High School Credits?

               Students who receive a “P” will earn credit for the class for the second semester.


How will my high school student’s GPA and class rank be determined for the second semester?

Second-semester grades will not be used to calculate GPA and class rank. For the 19-20 school year, only the first semester grades will be used for these purposes. This method is fair to every student and is a true representation of what was earned in the normal school setting.

For students not graduating, their GPA remains intact where it sits currently, and will move forward with them when school resumes.


What about dual credit course work or local, online courses for credit?

Dual credit or online grades will be converted to a “P” or “F” for the second semester and will be placed on the transcript as pass/fail. Colleges or Universities will follow their specific guidelines as to how grades/credit will appear on the college or university transcript.

For campuses that have tuition reimbursement programs, it will remain intact but will be based on grades received from the college or university.


How will Valedictorian, Salutatorian and Honors Graduates be determined for graduating seniors?

The GPA and class rank as of the end of the first semester will be used to determine Valedictorian, Salutatorian, and Honors Graduates.


If my high school student failed a course during the first semester, will they still have an opportunity to regain that credit?

Yes, a first and second-semester averaging protocol is being worked on with our software company to give students every opportunity to pass their respective courses for the year, provided they are engaged in their at-home assignments.


Will my students receive report cards or progress reports?

Yes, Teachers will provide a report of whether your student(s) are progressing as expected or if they are struggling and in danger of failing by April 17, 2020. Students will receive a report card after the school year ends.